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Can someone is here to tell me that what is the different Automation Testing Practices which is applied by top companies

It is important to know the reality of automation testing, and it's a success. As the growth of the digital world automation testing becomes more popular...Because of the time most of the top app development companies invest in automation testing...So what is your thinking behind this what types of automation testing practices do you applied for best result 

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Generally, all the top-level software quality assurance services follow the below-mentioned techniques and frameworks to carry out their Automation tasks
For Testing Web application they use Selenium(Mostly) with Java/C#/Python(You can choose any of them as per your expertise).

Now, talking about the different frameworks used in most of the companies:-
With Java:- TestNG, JUnit, etc.
With Python: PyTest(Python), Unittest, Nose.
With C#: CodedUI(C#)

Note: All of the above mentioned frameworks use technique called Page Object Model(POM).

A good Testing Framework needs a good reporting mechanism so you can use any one of them:-
Extent reports, Customized HTML(you have to create or modified report as per your need), TestNG Reports, Allure(Preferred).

For applications built in Angular, React you can use one of the given frameworks with JavaScript:-
Chai, Mocha, Protractor, and Cypress(Latest and Preferred but only having support on chrome and electron.)


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