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Can anyone say how different types of Mobile Application Testing improve the credibility of apps?

It’s a known fact that Mobile Application Testing is vital for the success of an app. As app stores are getting crowded with thousands of apps day by day, it’s clear that only quality apps will survive. Today, people search for more user friendly apps. If an app doesn’t meet the standards as expected, they will go for a better app. Can anyone say how different types of Mobile Application Testing improve the credibility of apps?

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To Improve your application development There are various steps to test your mobile application. According to Top mobile app testing companies, there are some good methodologies and techniques you have to follow to design your application testing methodologies such as;

Types of App Testing

1- Compatibility Testing

2- Security Testing

3- Usability Testing

4- Agile Testing

Apart from this, there are various kinds of Techniques Such as;

  • Mobile Device Selection
  • Choose between Emulators or Simulators
  • Test the Mobile App on Cloud
  • Manual Vs. Automated Testing
  • Network Connectivity

For more details visit here: How to Test Mobile Application?

As per practices of qa software testing company, credibility of testing mobile apps can be improved by following the steps below:

- Mobile apps should be tested on various screen sizes.
- Testing should be performed on at least latest and (latest-1) versions of OS.
- Testing should be performed on both Android and iOS devices.
- All loop holes should be caught by performing testing techniques like Performance testing, automation testing, Security testing, and UI testing
- For increasing the coverage of testing devices, various cloud platforms can be used such as Browserstack, Sauce Labs, CrossBrowserTesting, etc. Also, emulators like Chrome browser emulator can be used to diversify the coverage.


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