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As you might know, the importance of mobile app testing services is increasing day by day. It’s obvious that businesses should depend on these services to get maximum downloads for their app. Most of the people doing app business are unaware of different types of mobile app testing. They even don’t know the difference between mobile app testing and desktop testing. Can anyone say about the types of mobile application testing?

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Testing mobile applications is more complex and time consuming compared to traditional desktop and web applications.

Further, specific types of testing required for each application depends on various factors such as:
- type of application
- target audience i.e. who will be using the application

Now, the different types of Mobile App Testing can be:
1. Installation Testing
2. Configuration Testing
3. Network Testing
4. Localization Support
5. Performance Testing
6. Security Testing
7. Usability/Functional Testing
8. Memory Leakage Testing

To know more on things to be considered when performing Mobile App QA Testing, please visit below link:

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The demand for mobile devices is incrested day by day and these are the reason that every business owner starts to invest in mobile application development but, not only the mobile app development is sufficient for business if you want to work on quality the application testing is also important.

if we talk about mobile application testing there are various different types of mobile application testing, which are the important part for mobile app testing companies

Top Mobile Application TestingTypes;

1- Mobile App automated Testing

2- Mobile app Functional Testing

3- Game Testing

4- Mobile App Security Testing

5-Localization testing

6-Performance Testing

7- Compatibility Testing

8- Usability Testing

9- Appium Testing

10- QA Testing


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