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Can anyone provide me some docs and details to start with testing career.?

Can anyone provide me some docs and details to start with testing career.


It would be helpfull to me. Please i want to build up basics in software testing specifically Manual Testing.



Thanx in advance.

Saket Mittal

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ya , i also want

Hi Saket,


first learn the basic things of manual Testing

for this read the Software Testing Book(Rex Black).


see attachment



Thanx Sandeep...its really much helpfull..


Thanks very much!


thanx for giving this books


Thanks  Tanushri !!!!!


thanx....great doc.

Sandeep and Tanushri


thanks for the great docs.After learning manual testing from these books,what should we do next?

What are the trends now?Next is learning automated testing tools like QTP or learn HP Quality center?How to proceed further?


i heard about these terms,still finding the way to reach..I have got many ideas about manual testing after reading Rex Black book.thanks once again.But how can we connect this to real time eg: ?

Please suggest!


thanks in advance






thansk for the great reply.I completely understand about what you are telling,you are really correct.

I will focus only Manual testing now.I need to know how its doing practically and related things..etc.


I have read and understand the overall pics about testing(by  Rex Black book).Like test principles,test levels,test types,why tools are using in testing etc..basic knowledge..


But in specifically and  practically how to write and design the test cases,  Why do a tester design a test case? What are the prerequisite of testing and then drafting the test case  ...............these informations are not yet clear for me.  


How to proceed further ?

My latest blog entry gives some thought how I think one becomes the tester. So http://badboysofquality.wordpress.com/2011/07/12/how-to-become-a-te... enjoy, give feedback etc. I'm underlining mindset rather than some exact technical specifications tester should have.


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