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Can anyone give me idea about how i can Test "Designation" field for any Person?

Give me the idea about validation of "Designation" field for any Person?

What type of designation should?

What we can fill in Designation field?

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Normally Designation field wil be in characters..

test it should accept only characters 

test it should not accept any blank , numeric, alpha numeric or special characters..

According to company or organization ..Designation will be provided to their employees.. Only List of Those designation should accept in tat field.. it should not accept anything else which is not given or their in the company.. 

 Veena , 

               I  have had the words with pritesh  Yesterday and He is not having any doubt now regarding this Question .....  as far as Designation is concerned , gone are the days when designation used to be in characters only ... now It can have digits too..  such as  QA L1 , QA L2 , Qa L3   etc ...  one of my friend is having his designation as       " SE Band 2" .... 


Samrat Jha

Technical Executive 

QT Team. 

Thats Nice.. Ho i was not knwing in Alphanumeric designation.. Thanks For letting me to knw..


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