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can anyone explain how to start write test case for web based application

Hai to all,

I'm a new one for testing, Recently I join a small company where I have to test the web pages manually, i dont know what to do........... so help me what will do?


1.       What are the basic test cases we have to follow so that we can able to test a web page effectively?

2.       Can you peoples list out some of the procedure to be followed while testing a web page manually?

1.     what will we consider first to start write test case for web application?

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Can u pl forward to vishwashree91@gmail.com

Hi  can u send me the document to my mail Id narasimha.gontla@gmail.com

hi pls swend me test cases..sree.bheemana@gmail.com

hi my mai id is arshad.btech@gmail.com

please send me the document

Can you please send me the document to the below shown mail ID related to web application testing with start to end please send me all detail on my id is



thanks & regards


Nirmala can you please share with this document...

my email is : s.darminder@gmail.com

can any bode send to My Mail id: velde_nagaraju@yahoo.com

hi can u send me the tcases and material to me:::  velde_nagaraju@yahoo.com 


Can you please share this document :

My email address is sunilbhati286@gmail.com

Hi Nirmala,

            Could u send that docs to my mail id-meenakshi.517@gmail.com


HI nirmala can u send me the doc .It will help me

Please send me the material

My email id is dhanraj.gore@yahoo.com


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