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can anyone explain how to start write test case for web based application

Hai to all,

I'm a new one for testing, Recently I join a small company where I have to test the web pages manually, i dont know what to do........... so help me what will do?


1.       What are the basic test cases we have to follow so that we can able to test a web page effectively?

2.       Can you peoples list out some of the procedure to be followed while testing a web page manually?

1.     what will we consider first to start write test case for web application?

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I would like a copy as well. Please send to chris@therucker.com.

Hi, Please send me the doc n other materials to sreedivya_kor@yahoo.co.in ,to educate myself.

HI Rakesh Pandey

Can you please send me the document to the below shown mail ID


Hi Rakesh,

Why you can't you upload the documents, so that everyone can download and make use it.



Any body send me the test cases to my mail id please....
it would be very helpful. my mail id is rags010@gmail.com

Hi Nirmala,

       Kindly send you the Materils to my mail ID (sheeraz05@gmail.com)

hi neha

 can u please send the material to my mail id jhony123.b@gmail.com


pls can u send those docs to jhony123.b@gmail.com

If you are just asking about crucial then there are few:

1.  No dead links

2. User interface

3.  All module are working

4. User experience

5.  Browser (based on market) testing

If something is not defined by the client. 

If you want to propose to client then Go through the document that has shared by Rakesh Pandey in one of the reply on http://www.qualitytesting.info/forum/topics/what-are-the-crucial-th...

Hi Nirmala,Can you please send  materails and also points to cover while testing the web pages to my e-mail id


Thanks in Advance.



can u send me the test case doc.this is my emai:deviswamy@hotmail.com

Can anyone send materials on my mail id : nthakur199019@gmail.com


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