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can anyone explain how to start write test case for web based application

Hai to all,

I'm a new one for testing, Recently I join a small company where I have to test the web pages manually, i dont know what to do........... so help me what will do?


1.       What are the basic test cases we have to follow so that we can able to test a web page effectively?

2.       Can you peoples list out some of the procedure to be followed while testing a web page manually?

1.     what will we consider first to start write test case for web application?

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1.first understand the requirement what is given by the end user and based on the REQ try to prepare the test case.

2.functionality and integration testing is the main thing u need to follow.

3.web applications could be sometimes complicated because of the integrity between the modules , so u should have the clear idea about the requirement then only u can test easily.

4.split off the application in three types(1. Test the mandatory controls whether it present or not on the page 2. Next test the functionality of the controls(for ex: save button, text box getting the values or not) 3.test the intergrity and the navigation part working or not?)

5. The above mentioned are the important features of the web application once if you clear on this part then the application will be work nicely.

6. and the main head ache is perfomance , for this u need to use the Load runner.

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