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can anyone explain how to start write test case for web based application

Hai to all,

I'm a new one for testing, Recently I join a small company where I have to test the web pages manually, i dont know what to do........... so help me what will do?


1.       What are the basic test cases we have to follow so that we can able to test a web page effectively?

2.       Can you peoples list out some of the procedure to be followed while testing a web page manually?

1.     what will we consider first to start write test case for web application?

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hi rakesh,  please can you send that material to me @ mahadevtest@gmail.com

According to me using an automated tool can make it easy for creation of test cases.The test tool can generate the case easily.It requires less or no coding experience.

Guys - I am a bit surprised at the number of "please send me at xxx@yyy.zz" messages. Don't want to come out as being blunt, but each and every test case is geared at the requirements that you need to be testing for. Just because its a webpage, it doesnt mean that you have to test everything. Read over the requirements documentation to assess whether the app is brand new or being modified in some way or the other via feature enhancements

Plus - what works for your organization from a web page testing perspective, may not work for others. Again - this is because of requirements!

The best place to start would be to read over your requirements and define your test scenarios accordingly. Once you've understood the test scenarios, you can then drill deeper into defining cases appropriately...

Hi Nirmala,

Can you fwd the documents to the below id.

Email id: manegoutham@gmail.com


Can anyone share an online bug tracking tool for a web page..????


hi friends..
Can anyone send test case format & some test case for web appliactin on my mail id -
Can you please forward documents.This is my mail-id:siripusaala27@gmail.com



mr. rakesh pandey plz send me the material for web testing

my mail id is- shwetachawla196@gmail.com

mr. rakesh pandey plz send me the material for web testing

my mail id is-manegoutham@gmail.com

Thanks in advance

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Hello Nirmala,

According to functional testing services, below are some examples to test cases to test a web page effectively.

- Verify that UI of the web page in all browsers.
- Verify that all buttons visible on the web page are functional and taking the user on the intended page.
- Verify that text available under each section is as per requirement.
- Verify that all hyperlinks available on the page are working.
- Verify that there are no console errors logged when the web page is loading.
- Verify the font size/font color of text, buttons/links are as per requirement.
- Verification of URL of the page.
- Verify that if there are third party links are opening in a new tab.



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