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can anyone explain how to start write test case for web based application

Hai to all,

I'm a new one for testing, Recently I join a small company where I have to test the web pages manually, i dont know what to do........... so help me what will do?


1.       What are the basic test cases we have to follow so that we can able to test a web page effectively?

2.       Can you peoples list out some of the procedure to be followed while testing a web page manually?

1.     what will we consider first to start write test case for web application?

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Hello Nirmala,

Send me ur email id i will send you materils and also points to cover while testing the web pages. 

If you still got any doubt u can ask me and i will explain you in details.



Thanks for ur reply, nirdev07@gmail.com
i had send you a mail to your this email id
thank for send me...... its help me

Can you please send me the document to the below shown mail ID



thanks & regards


hi can u send me the tcases and material to me narendra.178@gmail.com 


tnx in Advance......


Hi nirmala can u send me the document to my mail Id  yuvarajbe87@gmail.com

Could you please send me the materials to my mailid anandha31@yahoo.com

Hi Nirmala,Can you please send  materails and also points to cover while testing the web pages to my e-mail id tkp_1_2006@yahoo.co.in

Thanks in Advance.

pls send meeeeee sree.bheemana@gmail.com

Hi Nirmala,


      Can you pls Send me the Doc's to my Email Id:anilblore26@gmail.com

Hi Nirmala,

Can you fwd the documents to the below id.

Email id: ansar236@gmail.com


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