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can anybody tell me what is differnce between build and release

can anybody tell me what is differnce between build and release

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Release is build which is given to someone. E.g. it can be release for testing, alpha release, release 1.0. etc.

Build is done more often than release. Usually it is controlled. E.g. many continuous integration environments do automatic build every time when developer checks in some source code. It is usually not released to anywhere, it just executes smoke tests.

But as I always want to remind: Every organization has own definitions and processes. So make sure from your process documents, what your organization means.

Adding some more things to it...

If we look at Agile processing, we may have number of iterations before final products, we can call all this as builds but the final outcome can be considered as a release. In more generic terms builds are generally for internal use while as release is more of for external use.

Build can have bugs present or partially developed modules but a release is more stable as compared with build.

Build and release are kinda same because both are the end product of software dev. It helps dev and QA to deliver the expected result.
Build can be refer to the software product which is still under testing phase where as release is refer to the product on which testing is completed and can now be delivered to client.
Build are prepared very frequently where as release is done only once or twice. Best example is builds are given to QA for testing where it may be the first build to QA, or bug fix build but once testing is done your software product is released to client.

Hope this information helps.

Megha Bagaria
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A build is given by developers team to the testing team....

A release is a formal release of the product to its customers...


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