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Can Anybody Please Help me out ...How to Operate Load Runner...


I have not used or don't have any Experience in Load Runner tool..but i have installed it in My desktop for validating the tool..that if it will be helpful for my application or not..can anybody please help me out that after installing the Trial version..how should i proceed further..Please help me ..it's Urgent For me...


Rakesh Kumar...

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Start with the Load Runner user guide .
Hi Rakesh,

Please let us know the object of your testing and using Loadrunner tool. On the basis of that we can give you guide line what to do. The tool is basically used for Performance matrices for transaction of any application. Also on the help of this tool we can find out the bottle necks of application. So please give us the feedback on your object of test.

P. Panda
Thank you so Much Mr.Panda for your Feedback.
I have an Application which is so called a Controller in telecom network.It can Initiate Calls and also can receive Calls..and you can say it's a GUI application tool..i just want to measure the Bottleneck of the application and want to validate the performance of the application.

That's why i need some Performnace tool which i can utilize in my Test Bed Environment..So i chose Load Runner..i have installed the Trail Version..but i am Confused what to do Further...So i need help.As Abu said to follow uesr Guide..i know that but also i followed ..still i am not able to understand it perfectly.

Thanks A Lot

Rakesh kumar...
Hi Rakesh,

After you install loadrunner, goto start->programs->loadrunner->applications and select virtual user generator component.
In virtual user generator, click on new script button and select protocol as your application support for eg. web(http/https) and record your application. Now open Controller component and select the recorded vuser script and create/schedule scenario by inserting heavy load and run that scenario and save it. Now open Analyze results component and open your saved scenario to view the graphs and results. Save the results in html or word format.

Hi Sekhar,
Thanks a Lot..i was expecting this type of reply...to guide me ..but let me try the steps you sepcified ..after that i will let you know..if i face any problem..then i will again disturb you and Abu..sorry :).



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