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What is test steps and test prerequisite in test case documents? anyone explain with the example...

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Please check below case for Login window which have following controls (user name text box, password text box , login button , reset button)


Test case: Validate the  Reset Button.


Test prerequisite: There should be data in user name and password text box.


Test step:

1.Check the Caption for the text box.  Expected: It should have Reset as caption.

2. Click on the button.                        Expected: Should clear user name and password test box.


Hope you understand by this example.

Hi Kamal,

          Thanks for useful information with simple example.....


Test Steps :-

        The steps that are going to execute. Eg: To test the login page steps should be entering username, password and hitting of Submit button.


Pre-Request :-

         Prerequest is nothing but some requirement is must tested before testing the another requirement. For example in the Testcase SRS # : 5 is having the prerequest of SRS # :2. In this condition if the SRS # 2 is fail then SRS # 5 must be fail. Both are inter related with each other. 


Note : If any suggestion will be accepted.   



Test steps are actual step need to be executed whereas test pre-requisite may be environment settings, configurations, specific data loaded in systems etc that has to be in place before executing any test steps.



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