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Can any one tell me how to test sharepoint application in both manual and automation testing?


Can any one tell me how to test sharepoint application in both manual and automation testing? Also tell what are the testing tools available for testing sharepoint applications.

Thanks in advance..

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I am also very interested to know answer of this question and knowledge required for tester who are  new for share point domain.....

I am also interested to know that how to test the Sharepoint Application.

So, I am also request all the persons who have the exp. on Sharepoint Application testing that they provide some guidelines and share their exp......

Hi All,

I'm already working in Sharepoint websites, but the testing which i'm doing now is just normal testing. But in Sharepoint there are many features to be tested. Also in my office they asked me to prepare a report on Share point testing. If anyone know means kindly help me in this.



Hi Guys,

Sharepoint projects testing is same as we doing for another technologies.

but keep in mind below things while u go for Sharepoint testing.

You can start with the Sharepoint Site Collection settings, checking all the Site title, URLs, Enabled Features in the Site Actions.

 Test all the below for individual sites recursively.

 Test the site collection settings if defined and the site collection URL if provided in the design.

 Move on to the different Sharepoint lists, libraries and pages settings (in the respective order) within the site.

 Test the Default page first and then move onto other pages.

 For pages, test the Page Title, Filename, Type and Template name before testing the page webparts.

 In the Pages(Default & Custom sharepoint Pages) you can test individual

 1) Data View Webparts for source and fuctionality as designed.

2) List View Webparts and their Default Display settings.

3) .NET Webparts settings and their fuctionality as designed.

 Test the event actions specified with respect to user actions in the webparts as specified for eventhandlers for all webparts in the page.

 Test the webservices defined for user actions on webparts.

 After the pages in the site collection is tested, move on to Page navigation in the Site Actions, for Global navigation and left navigation settings.

 Finally, on the page, test the security settings for People & Groups set on the webparts in the page.

 Continue the order for other sites within the app.

Thanks & regards

Vinod S.

Thanks for such important information

Hi Deepak

Am new to testing.

Can u explain what is sharepoint application and for what it is used.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Akbar,

Sharepoint websites is like normal websites only. But there is some things which needs to be concentrated like user groups, etc..



Hi Deepak.K.J

I hv placed some points regarding Sharepoint Application Testing.. can u once crosschek it .. are u testing SP project right this way???

Hi Vinod,

Thank you. I'm testing sharepoint like this only in manual way. Do you know what are the tools available in automation?




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