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hi all,

please send me documents or details ,to learn jmeter.please guide me...my mail id batturoopa@gmail.com

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hey..can u plz send me this doc. ?

Hi sandeep,

Pls send me the JMeter Doc so that i can use this concept in my real time experience.

My mail Id is hareesh.ece414@gmail.com.

can u send me the document? divyadarshini4u@gmail.com

Hi sandeep...Can you Please Send that Doc TO me Also

Please my Id:


Hey Dude!!

Please send me some docs related to J meter or any performance testing tool.

Amit Kanak


Hi sandeep can u send me the Jmeter Docs to kotesh.06521@gmail.com plz

Can you please send me the document for my mail id also it will be very help ful for me. Mail id garajasree@gmail.com

Thanks in advance

Hi sandeep could u plz send me jmeter DOC....that would great help to me



Hi Sandeep,

Please send me the Jmeter Doc. My mail id :- patilsv84@gmail.com


Sandeep Patil

Hi sandeep

Can you Please send me documents related to jmeter?

My email id is-kulkarni.amol152@gmail.com

Hi Sandeep,

Please send me the doc regarding the Jmeter on cancerian_87@yahoo.com

Thanks and Regards


pl send me the doc about Jmeter, Because i  am going to work on that.

my mail address is sasikumarsamuel@gmail.com


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