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Can any one refer me the opensource to write the testcase easily

Refer me the opensource tool to write the testcases easily and like "Bromine" and explain clearly how to use that plze

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Hai Nalini,

I am new to this field.I found sf.net to find open source project.



Thank u for giving reply
sourceforge.net is handy!

Hi Abu bakar,


seen in sourceforge.com,but clearly tell me the software name.


yes Abu, can u tell me the exact software plz.

Gopi & sekhar,


You folks to register first, raise your arm(send a mail) to extend support or help to Project owner.


Like if you willing to test "WATIR" send it to it's OWNER/Admin as you are intereseted.


I did the same quite some time back, forgot it... will try to relocate.

Thank u for giving reply

Thanku for giving reply


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