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Hi All,,

As my Concern  has planned to start outsourcing in testing,i would like to know about the Eligibility criteria ,procedures about outsourcing...

Thanks & regards,

Seetha Lakshmi

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Hello buddy,

The global financial meltdown that took place in the current past developed the software merchants worldwide to give a rethought to their product development strategy, and find out alternatives to trim their budget and get higher returns.

At the same time, it's fairly important to keep your clients happy and satisfied with your products and services for gaining their loyalty. In such a condition, it's paramount to improve the quality of the product without increasing its cost.

Software product testing constitutes an essential part of product development life cycle. Since the IT industry is constantly changing, the testing team faces a number of difficulties like resources dearth, time scarcity, more work pressure etc.

Considering an enterprise has a large number of core and non-core business problems to attend, it becomes necessary to address the one that requires more attention i.e., core functions. So, most businesses around the world look forward to outsourcing their testing assignments to software testing organizations offshore.

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) conducted a survey that unravels the fact that the business decision of outsourcing software testing to third-party software testing businesses helped US enterprises save $30 billion.

Now, this is a tempting fact to consider the product testing model since compromising on the quality of the product without proper software testing can lead to reduced revenues and loss of repeat business.


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