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Can any one expalin "Build Deployment Process". If you have any document, please share with me.


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Once build release
1.Build Acceptance test
2.Smoke testing completed
after do complete Testing.
This the process which followed by us:

Here are some tasks that need to be done when creating a build system. Not all of them will be relevant to all projects and there will be some steps that are specific to individual projects.
1. Clean up/Create the folders where the project output will be generated.
2. Get the latest sources from source control.( like in my project I take it from VSS)
3. Update the build numbers in code and documentation.
4. Tag the code in source control.
5. Build the code.
6. Test the code either manually or run automation scripts.
7. Prepare the test result report.
8. Generate release notes
9. Copy the artifacts to a folder for archiving or to the machine that is used for archiving the builds. Make sure that the folder is named appropriately.
10. Deploy the product to a test server.
11. Send out build status email.
12. Clean up and temp files and folders.
13.Have a some test for confirmation
Hi Madhu,
As per my Experience, A Tester while testing any feature or bug or Functionality if he finds mismatch in the Software as per expectation(Any Baseline Document) which provided by the client. Then Tester logs a defect and assigns to concern developer. If developer feels it is defect then the developer will fix that defect and releases the new build with new version and Sends the FTP server Location where developer officially put the build. Then we have to download that build on your desktop, Using WinSCP and Putty tester has to follow Release Notes instructions to deploy the build. If everything works fine, need to close that TD with Comments. Let meknow if i am wrong.

Deployment Check List


a)      Get latest build version from TFS, mapped to local system

b)      Take test site collection backup using central admin

c)       Copy latest build from local system to test server (VM)

d)      Restore latest edcrr.bak file into test site using dailyocorestore.ps1 script

e)      Deactivate and remove the old InfoPath form from site using general application settings

f)       Upload new InfoPath form and activate to site collection

g)      Check regional settings for web application,


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