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The latest product is for cyclists and includes a new feature that integrates a pulse rate monitor and cycling pedal rate (cadence) monitor with position and altitude data. Upon trip completion this data is transferred to a PC as a file that has timed data points with each data point comprising position, altitude, pulse rate, cadence rate data.

Software on the PC has been upgraded to integrate the pulse and cadence rates. The PC analysis software calculates speed, cumulative calorie output, power output and gearing (distance per pedal revolution) and displays graphs of pulse rate, cadence rate, velocity, altitude, gearing on the dependent Y axis with a choice of either time or distance on the independent X axis. Structure a set of tests to make sure this new feature is properly integrated and works correctly. Make whatever assumptions seem reasonable to you.

Please add questions to clarify the requirement where you believe important information is missing.

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GPS means GLobal Positioning system.it works based on satelite technology.By using this we can operate with satelite signal (like car,or any vechiles).any thing can be operate with satelite signals.


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