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Bugzilla user Permissions issue to a particular Products only

Hi Friends,
I have 4 products (Projects) in my bugzilla, Now i would like to create a user with particularly one product access permissions only. Then pls explain where can i give particular product(s) accessing permissions and what are those?

(In the earlier i created a user, but he is able to c all products related bugs. But my target is restricting users for particular bugs based on product he has worked.)

My bugzilla version is: 3.6.3

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Hi Raja,

I really sorry for waking up so late....

But still I hope I can be of help to you in this case.

From 3.2 version and above bugzilla has made user control bit more complicated I must say.

In this case you have to do the following


STEP - 1

Create a group.

For ex if you are planning to create a project called - BB-Directory then create a group first called BB-Dir Group.

Administration >> Groups >> Add Groups

Now it is up to the admin to set the privileges. For example for the same project you may not want two or three persons in the same group not to edit anything in that case you will have to take the pain of creating another group specifically for these ppl and tag them separately.


STEP - 2


Once the groups are created now its time to add memebers to the group

For that you will have to go to Administration >> Users >> edit user (Search the user first.. of course)

and here you will see a screen as shown


Here make sure that against each user mark the appropriate user group (As I had mentioned in STEP -1 if needed feel free to use multiple user groups for the same project.) Here one point to be noted is that make sure access is checked only for those check boxes under "User is a member of these groups" else when the check boxes under "Can turn these bits on for other users" is checked we are making that particular user an admin for that part.. A risk I am sure you don't want to take..


Hellooo please don't sleep off I am almost there hang in there with me :D


Now comes the final part

STEP - 3

  Here we have to create the project (Or even choose the project that is already created)

Administration >> Projects >> Add projects .. You can see a screen as shown below


Here click on the link " Edit Group Access Controls"  You will get a screen as shown below

Now you can see that its just matter of common sense to give what and to whom.... 


Hello knock knock... some body there with me?????



Hope I am clear :D




Thanks Jacob, thank u soo much friend.

Hello Guys, 

Now am working on Bugzilla.. I have One doubt on this..

Is it possible to assign specific privileges or restriction  to user .. Like Example Tester user can raise the bug. Then developer user can able to resolve the that bug and change the status to resolve only , cant do close the bug...

Only the tester user can able to Close the bug...Not for developer user....

This type option is available in bugzilla ?


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