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When i am creating a bugs in Bugzilla,and i am sending mail to another created user.

giving a internal error ,
plzz solve this error,some setting should be required

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What error you are getting ?
you can directly add email address in CC list and save .
Any changes made in bug will be informed to people in CC list

Before we assume anything...It would be great if you pass some info. like what msg you got?

Nimesh T.
i am not able to send mail ,its giving a internal error
i need a mail configuration setting for bugzilla

There was an error sending mail from 'm_jhinkwan@rediffmail.com' to 'meenu.jhinkwan@gmail.com':Couldn't connect to bugzilla-daemon

It's "daemon" failure at server side...You can disregard and conti...to you work...Some time it happens...I faced that one!
no everytime coming this problem.i am not able to send any mail to any user.

pls see attachment file
I hope this issue is related to authentication
Looks like you need SMTP Authentication, which is not yet supported by
Bugzilla. I believe there are some patches available in
bugzilla.mozilla.org, but don't know whether it would really mean it...
once you need to check with your organisational server setup
contact to your System Admin about this immdtly.



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