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Anybody tell me

easy step in bugzilla installation 



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First: There isn't such thing as "generic unix installation" for anything. Every unix and Linux and BSD flavors has own packaging method which affects a lot to installation process. You should start with official installation document http://www.bugzilla.org/docs/3.6/en/html/installation.html which seems to be quite step-by-step installation.

Bugzilla is one of the most horrible application I've installed (it was many many years ago). So please, refer the official document, if you crash to problem, detail your problem as well as possible.

I have installed bugzilla in winodw,its working fine,but i have to install also in linux,but i am getting problem.

so i need to some proper documents.


if anybody have

Unfortunately I cannot help you if you don't tell more details about problems you have. The documentation which I linked is the most detailed I've found this far. It expects you to know your system and how to install stuff to it.

After installation,Bugzilla home page (UI) is not coming.only  folder are showing in browser page.



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