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Hello All,

I have created few demo project and its related groups and users in Bugzilla (version 3.6.1). But when i set Group access rights and User rights from administrator, it wont works properly. Any user can access any project ,can edit any bug and can add bugs to any group. Please help me out.

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Please ensure the following

1. Create group
2. Set the rights
3. Set users to the group you have created

I think from from what you have mentioned above, you might have missed doing the 3rd step
Hello Jacob,

Thank you so much..

That problem is resolved. But i found another one. :(
1. I created 2 demo product.
2. Now i add new bug for 1st product & its bug id is 1
3. Now i create new bug for 2nd product & its bug id is 2 instead of this it should assign its bug id as 1 , Same way now when i again add new bug to product 1 it sets bug id as 3 i can not able to set it as bug id 2 for 2nd added bug.
I have all Admin rights but i don't get option to set bug id to new product.Please help me.I tried different options but still i can not able to set.
Hey buddy

Bug ID is the backbone of the whole thing and it is unique across the same DB.
Take any bugzilla related project like firefox, thunderbird etc they all belong to the same package but the ID system is unique through out

Not only mantis any system other than JIRA I think works this way

Hello Jacob

I am facing an issue regarding Bugzilla version 3.4.4- When a bug is reported the email notification will come to the assigned member and also a copy to me .
but in that mail template - there is only - BugID , Status, and a small description about the bug .
Is there any option to include Project name to identify the bug by viewing its email template ?

Currently i am testing 2 projects so its quite difficult to recognize the project from BugID........
Hope you can help me

Hi Lakshmi

The email content is actually managed by a php file. U have to edit that for all the details u need
Please access the server in which u have hosted Bugzilla and do some searching
U need not be a technical person to do this
I have made changes in that file(I = 0 technical). so u can also make :D
just make sure u keep a back up of the orginal file so that in case u mess up somewhere u can easily pull back the orginal file and run out of there.
U have the facility to add all the details that u enter in the reporting sheet of bugzilla in the mail also.
so please do some trial and error with that file and u will be making it work..

I am sorry I can't exactly recollect the file name which u need to edit. But I am sure by a little search around u will find it
Hello Preet,

I have worrked on Mantis tool and This is how it works in mantis.
As It has common database. Bug Id will be unique across the projects and not in sequentail order as you mentioned.

I think same is the case for Bugzilla..

Thank you for your reply...
Hello jacob,

thank you..
Is there any option to set that other then tester no one of the group or product member can add bug to that product?
Its almost a year since I have had a look at the admin part
But if my memory is correct you can navigate to the user list and select the user whom you dont want to report bug, uncheck that project from the details listed below that user.
Use the sudo option to check if it has taken effect

But be sure that u inform him about this coz every time u use sudo a mail is triggered to that user


under this link check out the editbugs: Unless a user has this bit set, they can only edit those bugs for which they are the assignee or the reporter. Even if this option is unchecked, users can still add comments to bugs.

I think this is the perfect answer to ur question

sorry for the delay in reply, I got the mail update today only
Hello Jacob..

thank you for your help.
Is there any one can help me out?


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