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Hello Guys,

Now am working on Bugzilla.. I have One doubt on this..

Is it possible to assign specific privileges or restriction to user .. Like Example Tester user can raise the bug. Then developer user can able to resolve the that bug and change the status to resolve only , cant do close the bug...

Only the tester user can able to Close the bug...Not for developer user....

This type option is available in bugzilla ?

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Yes, this option is available in bugzilla.

Thanks For reply Friend ! !

Excuse me and Kindly let me know How can I achieve this problem  ! 

Please help me on this !

Once again Thanks for your quick reply

I used bugzilla as a Tester with restricted access. That is why I wrote that we could create various roles in bugzilla. Now I do not use it. If you have bugzilla with you, why can not you explore it by yourself and then ask specific questions here?

Thanks for response !

Already I have done lot of R&D on this.But I could not able to find it..

Direct Question is -- How to make tester can close ticket .. 

Could you please help me ! 

Do you have administrator privilege in bugzilla?

Yes I have ....

Can you please attach a screenshot of Role management screen here?

There is no Role Management screen in bugzilla..

while creating user it will ask some privileges,,pls check attached image 


Try "editbugs" group.

If it does not work for your requirement, try to create a new group with customized privilege based on your need.


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