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Bugs while uploading and Downloading videos and Audios..

Hi Everyone,

Can anybody please list the bugs you find while Uploading and Downloading video and Audio files?

Hoping for your positive feedback...


Thanks in Advance


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Hi Chethan

Listed some of scenario for Uploading Videos and Audio

  • -The audio should be clearly audible. There should be no echo, double sound, etc.
  • It should unmute the audio and stop the corresponding timer, if any. The button should toggle to allow the user to mute the audio.
  • The audio should maintain its state on expand and collapse of the ad. For example, if the audio is ON on collapse, then it should still be ON on expand. There should be no sound on in the collapse panel when the user returns from the expand panel by either rolling off or clicking to close.
  • If the ad uses a rollover to expand, then there should be no sound when the user rolls over the ad. If the ad uses a click to expand, then the sound can be ON in the expand state. There should be no sound ON, on roll off or click to close, when the collapsed state appears.

For Video file

  • Check the video quality
  • Look for the video controls.
  • There should be standard video controls like pause/play, stop, mute/unmute, and replay buttons associated with the video.
  • It should pause the video and stop the corresponding timer, if any. The button should toggle to allow the user to play the video if the same button is used for pause and play.
    Video Pauses Standard Counter should also track if a video component is implemented.
  • If this is a video component implementation, there should be a Standard Timer: Video View Time that stops when paused and starts when played.
  • No video files (FLV, MOV) should be loaded into the cache.


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