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Which is more usable , Bugzilla or Mantis ?

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Mantis is more easy to use as a bug reporting tool,where as Bugzilla is little more complicated and it will take lot of time to fix any issue related to Bugzilla software,but where as Mantis its easy to configure

thnx so much Charan 

Compare to "Bugzilla" "Mantis" bug tracking tool is easy.



thnx so much but i can't find any on this website , could you please send me the exact URL !

Please refer , this might give you some idea,




Mantis bug tracker easier-to-user.The main advantage if mantis is that it can upload files as screenshots.Bugzilla is even difficult to install and has lazy processing.

I think Mantis. But there're other tools too that are being used in a wide range. I've shared an article listing the major bug detecting tools. Here's the link - http://blog.templatemonster.com/2014/03/14/top-10-bug-tracking-tool...

Both are easy, depends in which you are more comfortable.

As long as you aren't using Excel. :)

Mantis is very easy and very helpfull tool compare to bugzilla....


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