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HI guys,

Guys I need a bug tracking tool which can help me out in efficient working and keeping track of bugs. can u please suggest me a good bug tracking tool ??

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Amit Dange,

I will suggest you to Learn Test Management Tool Like Quality Center, Test Director, Test Manager.

Because i this.. you will learn Bug Tracking Tool as well as other Phase of Testing...
If you want to learn only Bug Tracking Tool only then go for Buzilla..
Bugzilla is the popular bug tracking tool.U can download it and install very easily.
can use bugzila,test director
BUGZILLA is the best!

Official website: http://www.bugzilla.org/
Test Track Pro
i have created Bug tracking tool using mantis , come up with yours doubt about it. and there we have to discuss

Click here to go mantis
Bugzilla is the best tool, I am using it.


please check the below article it includes the top list of bugs tracking tools


Following are the best 5 bug trackers used widely across the globe by various QA experts:

1. BugZilla: It is an open source bug tracking tool with advanced searching options. It also maintains the history of the bug with all the changes or updations made in the reported bug. It also provides an option to attach related files with bugs like screenshots, error logs, etc.
2. JIRA: JIRA is one of the highly recommended bug tracking and project management tool available in the market. It provides the options for adding stories, tasks, bugs, sub-tasks, test cases, etc. You can link each and every bug with its respective User Story and Testcases to manage all relates things together. It also provides option generate reports in the form of charts and graphs.
3. Mantis: Mantis is an open source tool available with options for APIs, Desktop and Mobiles. It is one of the most easy to install and use tool. It is compatible with almost all the latest OS and browsers available in the market.
4. Backlog: Backlog is a convenient and easy to use tool for everyone. It provides Kanban styled dashboard which is easy to understand the status of the sprint. It also provides complete history of the bug with all the changes or updations.
5. RedMine: It is an open source tool which also provides Source code management system integration with multi-language support. It comes up with the capability to generate reports using charts and calendars.

All of the above discussed bug trackers are some of the best trackers used globally but if need to consider any one from these, then as per best software testing services, JIRA would be ahead from all of these with its enormous list of features and capabilities.


I would like to suggest you one of the best tools to for bugs tracking, Can you please visit the below blog and explore the list of Tools, I think it would be helpful for you

For more visit: https://www.testrigtechnologies.com/top-defects-bug-tracking-tools/


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