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The scenario is:
1) Tester found a bug and reported it (The status of the Bug is --> NEW),
2) Test Manager Assign the bug to development team (The status of the Bug is --> OPEN),
3) Development team try to resolve the bug, (The status of the Bug is --> ASSIGN)
but they come to the point that the specific bug never get resolve due to the technology constraint.

Now what's the recent status of that Bug / how to handle such a situation by tester.

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Hi Ravikiran...in this situation tester need not to worry and the Test manager need not to worry as everyone on the QA side has completed his/her job.....usually the bugs which devs are not able to fix due to any reason they usually close it as "waived" most of the time.....anyone pls correct me if I am wrong...:)
Hi ,

Gaurav is right we close the issue and then mention it in the release notes under Known issue.
Any bug found has to be resolved however not necessary that it must be resolved in the current release.
If there are technical issues that may take more time to resolve the bug it can always be pushed to the future release. Release note should have this entry as known issue.
To decide the bug fixing priority, "Bug Triage" takes place. Above case is a solid candidate where bug is not fixed in the current release because of technical issues.
This type of bugs will be kept on hold for the time been....Or Technology constraint issue will be hand over to manager .He will discuss with Technical Lead and convey the same to client.

QC member is safe side in this substance :):)
Usually in this scenario, I would Target the Bug to "Future Release" of the application or after I've discussed with PM or QA Manager if i know which version it can be fixed assign to "Version XX.XXXX", . This is Development Target..status is still Open in that version for Devs.
QA perspective, now that i logged it for future, it's a known issue (as per Kiran and Ajay) and I'm safe to proceed (per Gaurav, Mohan and Sunil) :-), and i may revisit it, when issue resolved.
As for my Bug Report, now that I've pushed it to future, it will not show up in my bug report when i filter issues by Target Versions as currently I'm tetsing for current Version, so Bug Report is clear of this issue.

Thanx a lot Gaurav, Kiran, Mohan, Ajay, Sunil and Ekta...:)
Cheers To LIFE..!!!!!!
Well According to my source of Knowledge
The status may vary it depends upon the situation

1.If the bug is not resolved by an development team and they feel because of technical or technology issue the bug will not be resolved then developer will assign that bug to Testing team lead and a mail is send to the persons who r involved in this activity. The test lead will change the status as "Deffered".

2.If the delivery date is near then there is no meaning of deffered (Taking bug on hold for next release) the status may be set Cancelled by the Test manager or the ball is in court of management.
Hi Ajay,

My thoughts on your points are:

1.)The Bug goes to Deffered state only when it has low severity and will be fixed in next release due to the time constraint.
Anyone pls correct me if I am wrong.!!!:)


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