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When we will close a bug. give four reasons?


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actually closing of bug is done by test lead as follows:

-if the defect is no more (imean after retesting test lead wil verify it and wil close the defect)

-if it is cant reproduce by developer

-if the bug does not hav major impact on the application

Following are the four reasons:

1. Bug is not reproducible 

2. Bug is resolved

3. If resolved bug, do not have any bad impact on the other functionality of a project

4. Works fine on all the browsers (e.g. IE versions - if bug is related to java script it generally does not works on IE7,IE8)


One more thing I'll need to add....

Bug should be closed if it fulfills the requirement specification for that particular bug.


Hanee Srivastava

 When a Bug has been fixed we will close is ( Most general scenario )

 A Bug is not a bug , its a feature so close it..  ( it may be Unconfirmed bugs too ).

 Deferred bugs may be closed . 

Hi ,

A Bug is not a bug ............ mean if any bug rejected by developers then we can close it?

 No ...  You as a tester report something as bug , but later you come to know that because of Change in requirement( Which was not communicated to you ) the bug you reported is a feature ...   [ Extra Bugs Comes in picture ]..   Hope You can understand now..

If deffered bugs can be closed, why deffer them?

 I wrote , Deferred bugs may be closed ..  not can be closed ...    anyway :-

Deferred Bug: The bug, changed to deferred state means the bug is expected to be fixed in next releases. The reasons for changing the bug to this state have many factors. Some of them are priority of the bug may be low, lack of time for the release or the bug may not have major effect on the software...  

We Have some of the Deferred status bugs which are of low Severity low priority and the test team is running out of time then We may Close It....    Simple it is .... 


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