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Broadridge interview questions (2+Automation Test Engineer)

Hi friends,

1.read any 4 numbers and displays the reverse order?

2.write a vbscript  to create  textfile and delete file?

3.read 4 subjects and displays total marks and grade?

4.wat will done in automation?

5.wat is exceptional handling?wat process for that?

6.wat is modular,datadriven,keyword and hydrid frameworks?process of each f/ws?

7.wat types of object repository?types o.r?

8.diff b/w procedure and functions?actions and active screen?call to  existing action and call to copy of actions?arrays and dictionaries?childsobjects and childitem?action and action paremeters?

9.wat is recovery scenarios and types of R.S?

10.wat is test instances and test iteration in qualitycenter(qc)?

11.wat is descriptive programming?types

12.wat is the use of library functions in qtp?

13.wat are the testing techniques in manual testing?

14.give an examples of high severity  low priority,medium severity and medium priority,low severity and low priority/?



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