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anyone plz tell me about blocker bugs ??

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Blockers are mainly considered as Blocking/Not allowing to test the AUT.


If you are giving the Username and Password in the Gmail page, immediately Error page occurs or the Inbox page is not visible. So these sort of things to be considered as Blockers/Show Stopper Bugs.

It will not allow Testers to Test the Application further.

This leads to block you to Test the Application.

Just to add to Ram's definition - A blocker bug is a bug that breaks a function/feature, therefore must be fixed by the developer before any more testing can be done on that functionality.

Absolutely a valid one Greg. Forget to add this man.

Thanks for reminding this.

Ya same, blocker bug is the bug in which user can't perform actions.

for example: User collecting fees of student by entering invalid date say "01-05-0000" i.e. NAN and its submitting, after that application crashes. application crashes also when user click on any module-sub module. User can't perform any action. This is called Blockers/Show Stopper Bugs.


  When a functionality breaks in positive testing and it further blocks you in executing more test cases in the same area that is considered as Blocker!  In your case, it is a defect encountered using negative data so its not going to be a blocker !

Ram and Greg have already defined it correctly! 

  • Blocker Bug: Server crashes and deadlocks for major configurations, users can't work properly. Examples of blocker bugs:
    • "After changing the default Confluence default language, no users can log in to Confluence anymore"
    • "The server deadlocks when more than 500 users log in"

    Hope it helps.
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