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Being Tester, what are your ways of effective communication, especially when people around you do not sound to be listening to you?

Dear QTies,


Question: Being Tester, what are your ways of effective communication, especially when people around you do not sound to be listening to you?


All are welcome to give your inputs on this topic.


Note: This discussion is based on "Communicate? I am communicating! They just don’t listen!" article in Tea-time with Testers September Issue. Members are encouraged to read them for better understanding of topic.

-QT Team

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Being a tester .Tester should cooperate with developer as well as his/her college.If people around me do not sound to listning.we try to understand them the complexity and functionality of that application. and create real scenario that if such type of think will be happen then  we can complete their task and perform their role and responsibility.if surrounding people are non technical then  cooprate them .
Spelling mistake not college its colleague.
ok thanks

please correct me if I go wrong anywhere (as I only have a couple of yrs experience)


what I feel is...a basic quality that a QA/Test/Business Analyst should posses is communication. He/she should atleast be able enough to express him/her-self clearly and effectively. People tend to ignore or override you (including us everyone) when they do not understand you. So see that you speak simple yet expressively (with some terminology), rather than being more and more terms based. If at any point you feel that you are not being listened...(now bring out that hungry monster in you)...weaponize yourself with any topic or issue which you think is important and was suppressed the previous time...be more understandable...pretty sure that this time everyone will listen you...remember if you are worth it, you can definitely grab it...


A simple boost is being self motivated.


well said


My most useful communication tool is a testcase status and mapping file. I use excel, generally dumped from testcase database from a CVS file but it basically gives my team a status of testcase totals, pass/fail/nonexec/ and maps the failures to problem reports with issue, severity and a quick comment on impact and retest time. Later go back and complete with failure solution and retest which I couple with my EOY  performance input.


Nothing but facts and negotiations upon someone responding.

Hey QTies, Tea-time with Testers September article is a great starting point. There was also an article related to this question posted on Software Quality Connection here if you're intersted in another perspective: http://www.softwarequalityconnection.com/2011/08/how-to-improve-com...


I am assuming "those around you" could be "developers?" :)






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