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What is Batch Testing?
When it is used? Can you pls give me a example for it?

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In automation testing, execution of all the scripts in a batch is nothing but batch testing.
It saves the time required for testing instead of running each test individually.

-S Sarita.
Batch testing is an integral part of Wild Country's quality system. It is a process in which one test is done simultaneously on multiple specimens.

Batch Testing in QTP:
Executing a group of Tests at a time is known as Batch Testing or Batch Execution. For performing Batch Testing, QTP is providing a separate Tool called Test Batch Runner.

Steps for Batch Testing:

1). Prepare Individual Tests and Run once.

2). Open Test batch Runner Tool and Form Batches.

3). Run or Execute Test Batches from Test Batch Runner.

Forming a Test Batch:

Launch Test Batch Runner.

Navigation: Start>program>quicktest professional>Tools>Test Batch Runner>File>new>batch>add>browse path of the test (like this add number of tests)>save with MTB extension (Module test batche)>close test batch runner.

Running or Executing a Test Batch

Open Test Batch Runner Tool

Navigation: File>open>browse path of the test batch>batch>run

Note: Test Batch Runner launches QTP Tool, QTP runs Tests one by one.

Note: Allowing other products to Run Tests.

Navigation: Tools>Options>Run>check allow other mercury products>apply & Ok

Executing partial Test Batch

Open Test Batch Runner >open Test Batch>Select or deselect tests>run test batch.


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