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Basic understanding and how does Selenium tool is good when compared to other Functional tools like QTP..

Hi Folks,


Kindly give me a basic understanding of Selenium and how to to download Selenium tool from any website.

1. Difference between selenium and other functional tools like QTP...

2.Why only selenium tool?

3. We have 3 components...1. Selenium IDE 2. Selenium RD 3. Selenium Grid. Need difference of all these. how to use while we go for regression scenarios? with eg..


It would be great support for me if any one post this.





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Please go through the blog:





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Selenium is a Web Testing tool, you can only test web applications.

with QTP you can test windows applications also, with different plugins.


Selenium IDE - is a tool to develop automation tests, is a firefox plugin with great features. only used for firefox, if you want to test your web app in a browser other than firefox then use Selenium RC

Selenium RC (not Selenium RD) - it is Selenium Remote Control, used to support for other browsers.

Selenium Grid - It allows the RC to scale for large test suites and for test suites that must be run in multiple environments. Selenium Grid allows you to run your tests in parallel, that is, different tests can be run at the same time on different remote machines. This has two advantages. First, if you have a large test suite, or a slow-running test suite, you can boost its performance substantially by using Selenium Grid to divide your test suite to run different tests at the same time using those different machines.


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