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I wanna know about core banking . Plz share any  documents related to it . If anyone working on it I wanna guidance of u also .

Plz send documents to my mail id :


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What do you mean by "core banking"? I can give you a North American perspective on this...

- Core Banking and its functionalities are host-based. (Its a bunch of mainframe systems and sub-systems that interact with web services, databases, internal or external vendors as such)

- From an end-user experience, the flow of the data is never generated at the host systems or the core banking applications. It's always triggered through the distributed applications (or the front-end UI applications/systems)

- Core Banking applications are the most robust applications and in many ways the foundations of a banking process. Many banks invest heavily in keeping these systems up-to-date and to industry-standards

- Most customer information is stored on the databases that are linked/tied up with the host-based/core banking applications.

Core banking means, group of banks provide network services through the customers, customer will access the funds and he will take money any bank whatever he wish............

You don't want people working in bank live peacefully?

How can some one get you documents related to a private firm?

The best way is to google.


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