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Hi Good morning Testers,

 Is there any one working on Banking or Health care domains? If there, could u please post what would be the flow of the projects? Can you share your knowledge on these domains.!!

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Thanks Ashok,

Can you share your knowledge on the domains.. if u have any earlier projects exp.. can u share for all of us.



I had worked with healthcare domaion before 3 year. It has very big and complex flow.


Mainly you can assume main module flow is same like a normal patient do in hospital - make an Appointment, get scheduled, Checkin-Checkout, Doctor check the patiend and prepare visit note (EMR), Go for Lab if required, Prepare Prescription, Go for Billing, Generate Super Bill, Considering all the medicine and other expences generate a claim form, go for Hippa agrement, send bill to insurance company, generate claim...etc etc.


This is the main scenarios. It can have different other modules according to specialities.

Hey thanx dats a gud stuff.. if have any points add them... thanx



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