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Early in the year 2003, Win Runner v7.6 introduced and the entire testing industry started looking at a great future in automation testing! HP Quick Test Professional proven to be the best tool and standard practice for organisations to adapt automation tests from the year 2001 on wards. Especially I really enjoyed working with QTP v9 in the year 2007 due to the stability and consistency in identifying objects during the test execution!
Here comes the main story: Selenium set of tools introduced to the market as Open Source Tools and organisations started implementing selenium v1 from the year 2006.
Trend from November 2015:

Since QTP is one of the best tool in the market and sustainable tool from 2007 onwards until Selenium Webdriver picked up fast phase growth from version 2 and overtaken whole testing industry's attention from the year end of 2015 onwards!
Current Trend:
Google Adwords is such a powerful tool to find out which testing tool has been searched most of the times for projects, job opportunities and career learning;

These numbers are the average monthly searches for particular keywords in google website. Hence we now know which tool has been searched the most and second highest!

This is the exact place where we are! Knowing tools such as Selenium,Appium made compulsory for every software tester to sustain in their roles by 2020!

Following are some of the best reference readings for QTP, Selenium and Appium:

If you are a manual tester and wanted to know how to learn automation testing, you should opt for programming basics and following are some descent reference readings:

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