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Hi All, 

I know software testing plays the important part in the software development life-cycle. But in software testing manual testing is getting extinct and I think in upcoming days everything is going to be automated.  So I was reading a topic and I found it impressive. And I think with the Agile and Devops everything is changing and our testing industry also. 

Here is the link:


As working in an agile environment, we need to focus on speed and quality. And to achieve speed and agility we need to work with automation testing.   

So please give your suggestions and share your experience also? 

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I believe that we are getting to hung up on trying to label ourselves as Technical or Automation testers.

I do not agree with these terms, in the end, it is all just testing. Just like we use Boundary Value Analysis and Static testing techniques, we can apply scripting or API interrogation to compliment our testing.


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