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Hi Experts,
Is there any mechanism by which I can profile the memory usage of any application during the course of its run and also how can I calculate the CPU runtime of that application.

This has to be a part of Automated framework and thats why any batch mode solution is required


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Hi Yogs,

refer this link for CPU runtime calculation http://www.design-reuse.com/articles/8289/how-to-calculate-cpu-util...
Hi Nupur, Thanks for your fast response, this article use C routines and mechanism to write custom application and this doesn't fulfil my immediate need but yes definitely something to refer in future
Hi YogS,

Use the perfmon from the Microsoft, that helps yout to monitor the System resource utilisation during automation testing
. It should support the batch mode of execution

Also check this link, if it is useful for you :


Yogs, yes there are numerous! Try going to start menu on the OS, use Task Manager, it will show you the every process running. If you're on Windows, there is MMC console called PerfMon, there you can use any KPI, Key Performance Indicator, all Windows servers have the same untility called the Performance Management Console!

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Thanks Etheraling, Mohan & Vijay for suggesting me nice perfmon tool, I never knew such a tool existed in windows. I tried this but i couldn't find any option to use it in batch mode.

However I think I had found a solution but yet to implement that in our scripts. The method I am thinking as of now is
- As soon as my application starts, I fire-off a parallel scripts which would run as long as application is running
- this script would
- fire off windows command "tasklist /V /FO csv /NH"
'tasklist is batch mode equivalent of task manager", this would dump out the the verbose (/V) information of all running task into CSV format (/FO CSV) without header (/NH)
- Filter out application of interest
- append that to a log file.
- Once the application is done, I can post process the log file to find CPUTime and profile the memory usage

I hope this should work


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