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Anything new to do in Software Testing.....? Suggest me.

Dear All,

I am manual Software Tester working with Home Decorating Compnay. Company has lots of outside projects in software development.

Dating back a few days, my boss told me that you do somthing new in software testing and provide him the details information about this new innovation.

I am very concerned about this, So, please help me and suggest anything new in software testing field.

Thanks & regads,



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New means you can do the following things - 

1. Automation

2. Testing Process improvement.

3. How can you save the time for testing the application.

Thanks Shailesh,
But i want to know in details - how to improve testing process or how can i save the time for testing the application.
I think Automation is not possible in my organization beacuse here Requirements does not clear in the starting phase of SDLC. If any, please suggest me.

Do u have any process in place for testing?

You may think of reusable test cases for similar projects.

Hi Vishal,

There are so many things in software testing, and new & Creative things can be suggested after knowing existing processes, Execution of test cases, Automation is in place or not?, how do you manage your defects?, Bug life cycle that you are following, and other things that you can share with me. 

After getting these information, I can suggest some new things in your project.

Thanks and Regards,

Ajit Singhal

Hi Ajit,
Thanks to reply.
At present time manual testing follows in my company. My company has started develpment of out side project since last one year.
In my organization, no test manager only two testers are here including me (as senior).
As soon as a new project comes, the details send to us. We just start wrinting test cases and developers starts development. After that we execute the test case and report the bugs in RM-Track tool. Developer fix the bugs and after that we close these bugs. (applications are developed in pbl).
Currently we are working on project "Client operation and Service monitoring System". It is web based application and developed in .asp technology. Ist pahse of development and testing are inprogress. In this project my role is to gather the requirements from clients with if and but conditions, assist to developer as per requirements, test the page and functinality etc.
If you need any other clarification, please let me know.
Dear Ajit,
Please help me.
Dear Ajit,
I am giving you the details of my project/process.
Kindly suggest me your view.


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