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anybody tell me ,how can i reset mysql password in easy step

anybody tell me ,how can i reset mysql password in easy step

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Hi menu,

Its very simple ,just use ur mysql database user's table through linux and update ur password field in this table using update query.
If you give the answers for these questions then will tell
1. Which OS you are using.
2. Do you want change the mysql password after you login to the mysql.
3. Suppose if you forgot the password then you want to change the new password.
Hi Minakshi!

Please try with this.

1) Log on to your system as Administrator.

2) Stop the MySQL server if it is running.

3) Create a text file containing the following statements. Replace the password with the password that you want to use.

UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD('MyNewPass') WHERE User='root';

4) Save the file. For this example, the file will be named C:\resetPasswd.txt.

5) Open a console window to get to the command prompt: From the Start menu, select Run, then enter cmd as the command to be run.

C:\> C:\mysql\bin\mysqld --init-file=C:\\resetPasswd.txt.(notice that the backslash in the option value is doubled)

With Regards,
This should work


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