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Hi All,

Anybody knows about Test Quest CountDown? I am working in telecom domain.And i am planning to learn Test Quests' CountDown tool for mobile application testing. If anyone knows please give me the introduction about it. It would be very helpful to me. Please!!!

Thanks in Advance!!!


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TestQuest CountDown is a mobile test platform that stimulates a test target through the keypad/touchpanel and capture the results (text, bitmap, icons, etc) from the LCD. The test software rests on a host PC and includes a graphical design environment, portable test case methodologies across platforms, as well as test management and test execution environments.

The other component of our solution is connectivity. We have different methods of connecting to devices based on the platform. For standard platforms such as WindowsMobile, Symbian, or Linux we connect via a software agent, a small applet (~105kb) that rests on the OS layer and allows us to interact over API calls. We have similar agents for BREW uiOne devices. Our agents communicate over USB, TCPIP, Serial, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. Lastly, we can simultaneously connect to a desktop or server for end-to-end testing purposes.

While goggling I got this information. For more details you can visit: http://www.testquest.com/product_main.cfm?oid=3463

I have worked on a similar product - Test Quest Pro. It is used for mobile based device testing. It is an automation tool that can run on a mobile device. You can get a free demo by the vendors.

Any other specific query on such products - pls let me know.

-- Rajathi
Hi Rajathi,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I am very new to this tool and also i havent tested much in Mobile handsets. Tested somewhat. Just transfered the files to mobile and tested the application manually. Can u please explain step by step procedure how the tool works with the mobile? what we have to done from our side? Please i am very new to this one. It would be really helpful. If you have user guide for this please send me that also?

Thanks in Advance!!!

Do you have the tool installed on your handset?
No. I dont have. Actually, i am learning it apart from my regular work. Thats why asking the steps.

Please tell me the steps to test in TestQuest CountDown

Please tellme what scripting language the TestQuest countdown tool uses?


I want basic info for "Test Quest Countdown" tool for mobile testing like : 

1 ) Supported OS?

2) Which language it using for scripting?

3) Price for the tool?

4) Is it beneficial for mobile testing?


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