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Anybody Having Jmeter Issues can ask Their Doubts and Questions


anybody having issues or doubts in Jmeter can ask here, i'll try to get back to you at the earliest.


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Hi Akshay,

I have one issue regarding Passing Variables.How to pass multiple Credentials through Jmeter authorization manager?please reply to this Issue.....



Hello Akshay..I am facing an issue with jp@gc plugging listner active thread v/s time and responsetime v/s threads..i am trying to run the load test with 50 users on each maching i am using total of 2 slaves which is working fine but the listner  (responsetime v/s threads) is showing only 50 threads which should have been 100 instead...Can any one help me please...

Hi akshay,

              I am currently working on android Mobile applications, and i have to do Load/performance Testing using Jmeter for Android Mobile apps, or webservices testing using jmeter... if you have any documents for android mobile apps using Jmeter, please mail the document to nawasabdulsalam@yahoo.com...

Thanks In Advance.


configure the jmeter property file on UBUNTU for distributed  testing.. and how to add the remote IP and the local host for testing 10k users.. appx how many slaves I would need ihave UBUNTU as master having 8GB of ram..

do help me out

Hi Akshay,

          In near future we r planning to use JMeter in my office, before that i m trying to get some knowledge by practice on my own, pls give some suggestions how to work on my own with jmeter.



Hi I am new to jmeter. I had created test plan, http cache manager, http cookie manager, http request. How can I identify how much user that the application allows

Hi Akshay,

I have a issued to record the script for https sites.

so I am doing Bad Boy for recording the script and exporting the script in .jmx format .

Can you suggest me how can I record the script in Jmeter only .

Note -Currently I am using Apache Jmeter(2.9 r1437961)



Hi Akshay,

I am working in jmeter. i have facing some  problem..

1.I did recording for flight booking when i run 1st time its hit the server and again i run that script that time its not hit the sever i don't know why

2.Before Recording and playback need to write any code in jmeter


I am  facing same issue ...

i did recording for flight booking when i run 1st time its hit the server and again i run that script that time its not hit the sever i dont know why 

hi akshay,

i am running a test in which there are different features and i want to run the test on all the features in one test.

now suppose i am running the test for 100 concurrent users but i want one feature to be accessed 400 times and other feature to be accessed 50 times only, i am using loop controller for 400 one but for 50 users i am giving ".5" value but its skipping that feature..how can i resolve this?

Hi Akshay,

Is Jmeter works good with .net application, as i am working on .net application can i test the load using jmeter..



Hi akshay, 

i am new on jemeter, and i have tried to run one thread of 100 user with 10 sec and i have selected graph for result view, but i did not understand graph, graph has 4 values like, deviation , throughput , median . what does these mean?


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