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Anybody Having Jmeter Issues can ask Their Doubts and Questions


anybody having issues or doubts in Jmeter can ask here, i'll try to get back to you at the earliest.


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Hello Akshay,
Could you please share some document and interview question related to jmeter.(If you have.)

My email id is vandana.tiwari99@gmail.com

Hi Akshay

I'm Ram, I'm just a beginner to Jmeter and wanna learn it. Is there any learning sites or documents you have start with? Pl advice.



Hi Akshay,

Please tell me in Jmeter How to write java script coding for Login Scenarios & Upload document scenario.
Thanks & Regards

I have 100 user for load testing. i used csv datasetcofig file for credentials. when i run it, its observed that user data i.e. whether user is logged in or not so flag is set as 1/0 in database, but there was no change in the status. i can still use the same credentials again. can you plz help

While running jmeter, it creates multiple connection in mysql.

for example,

i have one user with login credentials, i have created the script for it where user can log in to the system and start giving exam. when i run the script, then in MySql, it creates multiple connection. please help

Hi Akshay,

I have been used one time Jmeter for learning purpose. I had created the script of the one functionality and get the proper out with tree and table view report about a process.

But after that, i does not make a proper final report , means actually not understand how can I explain it in a final report. Please suggest to me after that process.

Hi Akshay,

How to handle dynamic values in Jmeter using HTTP URL Re-writing modifier

I have a HTTP Sampler request like this http://ipaddress:portno/Acvityid=AQLT4Zs10yS8OjdB83ozUg
where in this Activityid is getting changed every time and i am getting session expired error message.

How to handle this using HTTP URL Re-writing modifier??
Please suggest.




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