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Anybody Having Jmeter Issues can ask Their Doubts and Questions


anybody having issues or doubts in Jmeter can ask here, i'll try to get back to you at the earliest.


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HI Akshay,

Can you please Tell me the reason , why the values are not updating through jmeter script, i added parametrization to pass the values and did correlation for dynamic values.please tell me what i missed in the script

I can only tell after seeing your JMeter test plan,

meanwhile, you will have to debug your script, make sure your application is updating values correctly without Jmeter,  if it is, then playing your script through Jmeter too should,also make sure that your query at the backend (which is causing the update) is correct and is updating values correctly.


yes my script is passing the values , i have checked html download response from the view result tree,but in DB it's not showing

view results tree listener won't display errors, since it is getting a success message from server...

do u have team viewer, i can see what cud be going wrong...

no i don't have team viewer, please post me if possible, where am going wrong....

Hi I am also facing same issue but here wt happend is when i did 1st its hit the sever then again i tried to run the script that time we faced problem

Hi ,

Can you provide jmeter notes on my id ashok.verma@anmsoft.com .


Ashok Verma


how can i test a load on a web application form on submit button with 1000 users at same time, there should be no time difference in all 1000 request, not in mili second...

Please help...

Synchronizing timer is the component you need. See details: http://jmeter.apache.org/usermanual/component_reference.html#Synchr... .

But warning: It still doesn't provide you the same millisecond, because you probably don't have 1000 cores which are able to execute actions exactly at the same time. Your requirement sounds like that person who asked that does not understand the computers at all.

And strategy for script: Create script which runs 1000 threads. Make sure you have enough memory allocated to Java. Put long rampup time (at least 500 seconds) to minimize the risk of Java thread creation related memory problems. Every thread does required initialization steps. Then Synchronizing timer under the request you want to test. And after that rest of the steps. Jmeter should be able to handle that as long as you don't try to start threads too quickly and you have enough memory.

As Teemu already said , you need synchronizing timer for your request....

@Teemu- nice job buddy, cheers!!

Thanks Akshay

Thanks Teemu


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