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Anybody Having Jmeter Issues can ask Their Doubts and Questions


anybody having issues or doubts in Jmeter can ask here, i'll try to get back to you at the earliest.


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Hi akshay,

i'm new to j meter i have one doubt in results, suppose if i want to send performance report to our team lead which way i will send this report???

Hi Akshay,

I want your help in how to record AJAX request (i.e. XMLHttpRequest) using JMeter HTTP Proxy Server ?

Could you please explain with example ?

Thanks in Advance...


They are recorded same way as any other request, because browser sends all http-requests (even AJAX) thru the defined proxy. The most difficult part usually is to find the proper parameters for that AJAX request as well as how to do reporting.

First you have to find out how the parameters for AJAX request are created. Usually they can be found from the page which does the AJAX request, so you have to start reading the HTML-sources, and then create proper post-processor. In my opinion the regular expression is usually the best one if it's not at some parameter and its attribute.

And reporting needs manual work if you want to do it well. You have to check how the requests are made to server. Usually AJAX-requests are done following way:

1. Load the page which does the AJAX

2. Short delay while parsing the Javascript

3. Concurrently 1 or more AJAX-requests.

There might be additional AJAX-requests after step 3, so you should include them also to total loading time.

So the real loading time of web page is usually Step 1 + step 2 + maximum of items at step 3 (+rest of the steps).  At final calculations you might end up to conclusion, that some AJAX-requests are not affecting how to user experience. Those you can exclude from final calculations. One such can be e.g. statistics tracking.

Hopefully this helps you a bit more. AJAX is nightmare for all testability- no matter if it's performance, security, test automation or manual testing.

Hi akshay,

I have a problem in jemeter. I have recorded the script through proxy to add a record in my application. When i run the script the data is not getting updated. but no error is displayed in the jmeter. can u plz help me again dude.



jmeter won't display errors since it is getting http 200 codes in response from the server, as to your problem one way to check through GUI is- when u update a value, you must be getting a success message, u can utilise that message to assert if that message is displayed or not....else u can use jmeter to verify your database, this can be done by database test plan...

Hi Akshay,

I am storing the  values in the DB through the  application,his is my script. When run the script the values is not getting stored in the database . So to verify every thing work well i have check view result tree and view result table, the values entered here, but when i check the DB, values which i entered are not stored in the database.



you will have to make sure that your query is correct, and the credentials you are using in Jmeter can update a table in the database...


i have one form that contains 2 fields one is name and another one is description,when i enter the  values in the form,that values updating on the DB this is my Script,when i record these steps through Jmeter and run these Script, the value  are not updating in the DB.What should be the reason ? I missed any thing in these?

Hi koushik,

Have you got answer for problem of data not logged in database. I am also facing same problem

Hi can you please explain me regular expressions in jmeter.


regular expressions are used for retrieving dynamic data from the server eg session id's, viewstates etc... for this use regular expression extractor..a very good example on how to use the same is here: http://community.blazemeter.com/knowledgebase/articles/65150-using-...


Thanks Akshay,

Can you please explain me simple example with step by step since am new to jmeter.when u have time


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