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Anybody Having Jmeter Issues can ask Their Doubts and Questions


anybody having issues or doubts in Jmeter can ask here, i'll try to get back to you at the earliest.


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Hi Akshay,

Currently i am working in jmeter. I need help from you. I want to take screen shot during the run of pass and fail. cany you tell me how to proceed with it.?



Why do you need screenshot? you can use view results tree listener or a debug sampler in case you want to see the errors encountered during the test.


i am storing a vlue in the DB through the application. this is my script. When run the script the value is not getting stored. So to verfy every thing work well i need to take screen shot of each resuest and responce. wat is the solution for the above sitiuation


you can use assertions for the above request, i guess this is a database test plan and your query is not working, can you describe what exactly are you trying to do?

Requirment: I am login in to application and saving a data into the database.

I preared the script. When i run the script with listner View Result in tree. I get all in green, but the value is not stored in the DB. To check were i went wrong i need to see the screen shot.

This is wat i need. Hope the i have explaind clear.


use an assertion for the above request, when you save data, you must be getting a success message displayed, assert the same through jmeter..

sorry dude i dont know abt assertion. Is it something doi need to add through the listner.?


Thanks for the link bro.


Hi akshay, i have worked in load runner in my previous company, in my new company i am working in jmeter, i think i may disturb u a lot regarding jmeter and kindely adjust my disurbance and help me in doubght with jMeter. Thanks in advance.


:) :) ;)

no issues buddy, shoot questions and i'll try to get back with an appropriate answer at the earliest....cheers

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