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Any open source automation tool for Blackberry applications

Is there any open source automation tool available in the market to test Blackberry mobile applications. If somebody knows then please do share the information ASAP.




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I'm not sure of any opensource test automation tool other than "Robotium" which is used for testing on the Android platform. If you're looking for automation testing on blackberry, you can try using blackberry simulator and let us know the results.

How can we use BB simulator to automate testing. Could you please elaborate little bit more.


Well, I haven't tried it so far. It was jus' an idea. If I'm successful, I shall let you know.

U can Try either "TEST COMPLETE" or "DEVICE ANYWHERE". These are the automation tools to test mobile applications.
Thanks, I will try to do that. But i think these are not the open source tools.
TestComplete is an automated testing environment for :
Win32, .NET and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications.
TestComplete provides extended support for testing :
Web Pages, Web Servers, Web Services
And Projects created in the following development tools:
Microsoft Visual C++/Borland C++ Builder
And its a paid tool..........
The DeviceAnywhere complete portfolio offers a range of solutions for the entire mobile application development lifecycle from development to QA/testing to post development performance monitoring and onward.......

But its also a paid tool...

I am in search of a open source automation tool specially for testing BB mobile applications...........

Hi Mamta,

As per my knowledge web driver supports automation for black berry applications




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