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Any body send me automation test plan document.

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have no idea if there is a sperate automation test plan .. !

Is it an order !!!!! "Any body send me automation test plan document."

No... It is not order.. Just help.....

Ant thing is wrong ? :)


I don't have an automation plan document to send you, but I can offer some advice on what it should contain.


When I write a manual test plan, I try to stay high-level.  Instead of describing individual mouse clicks and keystrokes, the test plan talks about what you want to verify.  So for example, the test plan might say, "Verify that passwords must be at least 6 characters long and must contain a combination of letters, numbers, and special symbols."  That statement translates to multiple test cases, and that may  need to be written down somewhere, but I don't need to get into that level of detail in the plan itself.  Depending on what you mean by "test plan", the document might also include a schedule, quality criteria, and so on.


I use the same approach works for automation test plans.  Aside from schedule (possibly including development time) and quality criteria, you need to talk about what kind of test tools you intend to use, perhaps want kind of hardware you need, and of course some high-level descriptions of what you intend to test.  You do not want to go into step-by-step details about the test cases. 

Thanks for your reply.

Hello Mr.Bill smith i guess that the password validation is more details and we should not mention it in the Test plan as the Test Plan should only include high level information not detailed one .. !! 

Pls correct me if am saying not true .... !

I think the test plan should state all the requirements about a password that you intend to test without giving specific passwords that you will use to test those requirements.  So for example the test plan might say (among other things) that a password must be at least 6 characters long.  For manual tests, you written test cases may choose to be more specific about how you will test requirement, e.g. "Verify that 1234567 is an invalid password," and "Verify that 123456 is a valid password."  And in automated tests you will do essentially the same thing in code.


What I described is for a functional test plan.  Of course there are other kinds of automated tests, e.g. performance/load/stress tests.  Those tests may use a different set of patterns, but you should still be able to describe them at a high-level.

Thanks for your reply.


Can you send test matrix document.

I am waiting for your reply.

No, I can't.

Any plan consists of the following common planning parameters:


1. Scope

2. Schedule

3. Stakeholders

4. Risks

5. Training

6. Deliverables

7. Work products

8. Cost

9. Commitment

10. Communication


Now, you can easily map your automation test requirements on the above planning parameters


e.g. Identified test scenarios for automation testing = scope of plan



Hope that helps


Hey Sujay,

I hope u have a test plan document for the project. Automation does come under this very testplan,  I am not sure if you would require a seperate test plan for automation. I think you could refer to the same and get one done for you.


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