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Dear testers,

I need a help on Annuity payment testing on Agile.

Actually, my new project is to support Agile testing for annuity product. Does anybody have any idea on this? Kindly share the scenario/ Test case if any. My new project will start from July2017. You can contact me on mukeshgupta30@gmail.com

Thank you in advance.


Mukesh Gupta

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Read the Properly and Get the best solution:- 

In exchange for a lump sum amount, typically a payout from a super fund account, a financial organization promises (guarantees) to pay you a fixed amount for your lifetime, or for a fixed term. You can arrange that you have no money left at the end of the fixed term or a certain amount that is repaid to you at the end of the term. If you buy a lifetime annuity, you may have the option to negotiate a minimum fixed term of payments, in case you die early, which would then be paid to your spouse or dependants. You can purchase an indexed annuity to ensure that your income is indexed to inflation.

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Contecnt Source:- https://www.superguide.com.au/smsfs/peace-of-mind-at-a-cost-10-thin...

Best of luck :)


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